Full Tilt Rakeback

I just recently signed up to receive rake back from my full tilt account. Every hand that you play on a table at Full Tilt, money is taken out of the pot and given back to Full Tilt. Consider it a tiny fee to play at that table. Depending on the stakes that you are playing, the rake back that is taken may only be 5 cents per hand, which isn’t a lot. But if you play several tables, and several hands a week, it can add up to a lot of money. When you sign up for rake back, you receive 27% of that rake back into your account. I usually don’t play a lot of cash games, but this past week I played rush poker a couple of times. My rake back for the week, which was deposited directly into my full tilt account, added up to be $1.73. So why not take advantage of this awesome program and sign up today. Just click on this link to WDIAV, and then click on the Rack Back link. It is easy to sign up, and your rack back is deposited into your account on full tilt at the end of every week.


Tonight I won a seat into the Mini FTOPS event #7. I bought into this rebuy tournament for only $ .60, and added on for another $ .60. I unregistered from the ftops event #7 and was credited the amount of the buy-in which was $11. Not bad for paying $1.20. Check out all the FTOPS event at Full Tilt poker. And good luck at the tables.

Sit N’ Go Madness

Full Tilt is hosting a sit n’ go madness this weekend, starting on March 5th and ending on March 7th at 11 p.m. The object of this madness is to play and cash in as many sit n’ go’s as you can throughout the time frame. If you win 2 sit n’ go through out the weekend you will receive entry into a $50,000 freeroll that will take place next weekend. There will also be prizes and money handed out to the top players who have the most points at the end of the sit n’ go madness. For each sit n’ go that you cash in, you will win a ticket for a drawing for cool prizes, that includes, poker tables, hats, and shirts. You also have an opportunity to win money. The sit n’ go’s are broken down into four two-hour blocks. For each sit n’ go that you cash in for each two-hour block, you earn points. The top 7 players with the most points will win cash ranging from $1 for 7th place to $50 for 1st place for the $1.20 sit n’ go’s. The higher the buy-ins for the sit n’ go’s the higher the prize money is that you can win. So hurry over to Full Tilt now, to get in on your share of all the prizes. And GOOD LUCK!!!

Sit N’ Go Win

I played in a few sit n’ go’s today on Full Tilt. Full Tilt is hosting a sit n’ go madness this weekend, so I was trying to cash in as many as I could. I played in 2 9 person sit n’ go’s and I was able to win 1 for a cash prize of $4.30, with a buy-in of $1.20. Not a bad turn around. I then played in a 6 person$1.20 sit n’ go and came in 2nd for a win of $3.10. All in all not a bad profit for the amount of money I paid to play, and a nice little ego booster. I have been having a bad run of cards lately, so it was nice to finally win some money, all be it little, but a win none the less.


Today, I was finally able to play in Full Tilt pokers new creation known as rush poker, and like the name says it’s a rush. This new way to play poker at Full Tilt is great for those players who have absolutely no patience when it comes to playing cash games. However, it is not for those players who do not have a pretty decent bankroll. I mean I was out $8 within 2 minutes. To start playing Rush Poker, you begin by joining the group of the stakes and game type that you are wanting to play. In this case, I joined the .05/.10 NL Holdem. I was put at a table, and a countdown was initiated, and then the rush was started. You have the option of calling or folding. However, as soon as you fold, you are immediately moved to another table in the following position you would have been in had you of called and stayed at that table. There are no time lapses in between hands as there are with the regular cash games. It goes so fast that you don’t even have time to get up from you chair for more than a few seconds. Rush poker is a great way to play poker if your the type of person who hates the amount of time that is spent waiting in between your hands, However, in my opinion you need to have a healthy bankroll to keep up with this fast paced game, or at least the ability to know when your beat. It is definitely not the type of game that I will playing in very often.


I have been an active member of the we do it all vegas (WDIAV) poker forum for the past few months now, and I finally made it to the final table last night in the weekly $25 freeroll on full tilt. There were about 125 people entered into last night tournament with the top 27 players getting paid, and the top 9 earning entry into the monthly $1000 freeroll that is hosted by WDIAV at the end of every month. I was down to my last couple thousand in chips and was sitting in spot 20 out of 22, when I was finally dealt a decent set of hole cards, pocket 10’s. I flopped a set, and then the turn gave me the fourth 10, and quads. I was able to double up and pretty much coast to the final table. I ended up going out in 6th place, winning $1.13, and also earning entry into the $1000 freeroll. All in all it was a good game, and I am happy to have cashed and earned a ticket for the monthly freeroll.

A Hidden Gem in Forums

Have you ever wanted to find a poker forum where you can discuss those bad beats, and those hands that you just can’t stop wondering whether or not you made the right call. Well here is your chance to become a member of one of the great poker forums online today. It’s called WDIAV. I have been a member of WDIAV for a few months now, and I have found the people on this site to be the most friendly people online. You can discuss anything from poker to everyday life on WDIAV. Not only will you enjoy friendly conversation on this forum, but WDIAV also gives back to their forum members every week by hosting a $25 freeroll on FullTilt. There is also a $1000 freeroll that is played at the end of every month. WDIAV also holds contests every month where you have a chance to win as little as $50. Just think about it. Here you have not only a wonderful poker forum where you can discuss those hands that have been bugging you for the longest time, but also a way to win free money to help you build you poker bankroll as well. Just click this link and check it out at WDIAV. And good luck out there on the felt!!